POINT-7 Windsurfing Sails

Windsurfing Sails Company. Windsurf equipment production.
Founded in 2006 from Andrea Cucchi. Italian Mast, Boom, Extension, Sail, Harness, harness lines, Downhaul, Uphaul.
Created a Fashion Clothing collection.
Alberto Menegatti is honorary member of Black Team, our international team. From 2016 Matteo Iachino enter in the Black Team.
Our racing sail is AC ONE. The free slalom sails are AC K and AC X. The pure free ride is AC F. In the wave collection sails we found the 3 battens sail SWAG, 4 battens sails SALT and the SALT Campello LTD and the 5 battens sail SPY. The Freestyle sail is SLASH. The Pro Kid sail is SICK. The School sail is SKOOL.


Discover our new pro extensions.


We are very concerned about the smallest details. A boom does cannot be judge from weight and stiffness. There is a lot more to look at.


ride the road like the water.

born to 0.7

The way our BLACK TEAM works as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual talents in the world, but if they don’t bring the right spirit to the team, their effort won’t be worth what we are looking for.