The face
of the


Ricardo Campello V-111

Age 28
Years of windsurf 17
Residence El Yaque  -  - Maui 
Sponsors Point-7
Giorni Eyewear
Results 3 time Freestyle PWA World Champion
2time PWA Wave Vice World Champion
Inventor of more then 30 moves

I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the first sport I was keen on was soccer. Then one of my uncles who was a racing driver pushed me into go-karts. Moreover, my dad almost gave me one as a present. After the accident of the best Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, I was really sad about what had happened and I gave up karting. Later some of my friends started surfing. I had an advantage that I lived right in front of the beach in Rio, so I started doing it too. I was really in a pretty good road until my mother and stepfather had to move to Isla Margarita, Venezuela. That was a big change in my life. I’ve been living here on the island since 1998. The main sport here is windsurfing and everything is connected with it. I made my friends who wanted to do it and we started doing it together. Everyday I loved it more and more. Then I got my first sponsor and I went to a few small contests around the Caribbean winning some of them.
Since I started windsurfing and I saw the guys doing forward loops, flips and moves which I didn't know what they were, I put in my mind only one thing - I wanted to be good at that.
In 2000 at that stage I could say I was at a pretty good level, and together with my mum we decided that I should go to my first PWA contest. I went to Austria, but unfortunately, there was not enough wind to compete. Anyway, during the warm-up sessions people were really impressed of me and I got a lot of coverage, which gave me and my sponsors a lot of confidence. I left school and everything behind just to start my career as a professional windsurfer, as I always wanted to be. So, here I am. I made my dream come true, which was to be a world champion.

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